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Building your child’s future success
Through Social Skills Social Dance

Local Classes: Cohasset, Dover/Sherborn, Hingham, Lexington,
Wayland, Wellesley, and Weston as well as Independent Schools

Importance of Manners

It is the goal of Boston Assemblies to reinforce the manners children bring from home and make a big impression on the vital importance of manners and civility in all aspects of life. Contemporary etiquette does not rely on the gender based rules typical of the ballroom. In style and substance the Assemblies are totally modern.

Dancing is Fun

We teach the dances kids like to dance now! Swing dance is the most popular partner dance for all ages. Just see who is having the most fun on the dance floor. The entire Team Assemblies are professional dancers delivering a lively variety of solo and partner dances including, classic Waltz, and current dance trends.

Boost Confidence

Social dance (partner dancing) is the perfect vehicle to improve social skills through interacting with a partner and making connections in the larger social setting, developing communication skills, and avoiding feelings of awkwardness. Professional dance and certified etiquette instruction provide a sound foundation in social skills training.

Founded in 1986 by Susan Cole

See What Others Are Saying

I would urge every parent to enroll their child in the social dance program. Having known a lot of these kids from the rink and the ball field, it was great to see them in their formal attire, having fun participating in this very worthwhile experience.

~ Jack Diamond

Chaperoning the dance classes was the best theater we’ve seen in ages … everywhere we looked something hilarious was happening. Thank you for the experience!

~ Laurel and Roger Whitehouse

Giving our children training they will use throughout life is the reason we enrolled our son. He had so much fun that he was disappointed when it was over.

~ Joanne Chakalis

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