What are the Assemblies? - Boston Assemblies

What are the Assemblies?

What are the Assemblies?

A Note from Susan Cole

Social skills education learned and practiced through social dance thrived in the nineteenth and well into the twentieth century. The sixties changed all that!

In the Gilded Age of nineteenth century Boston social gatherings for young adults which featured dancing were referred to as Assemblies. In 1986, I was inspired to adopt the name Boston Assemblies as a link to a grandeur and refinement celebrated in Boston by John Singer Sargent and the Copley artists.

Today Boston Assemblies looks much like the same activity as a century ago. However, much has changed in the mores of the role of young women and men in society. Women and men are learning and competing for leadership positions in a highly competitive world. The Assemblies reflects those changes.

In addition to basic dance instruction, we are building a foundation for the future based on solid grounding in character development through of the fundamentals of etiquette.


The Benefits

  • The program provides an opportunity for students to interact socially in an age appropriate way.
  • In a competitive world, those with solid social skills have competitive advantage.
  • Learning and practicing social etiquette instills confidence, sensitivity, grace and poise in social situations, now and in the future.
  • Eliminating the worry of making a mistake or feeling awkward will enable students to enjoy all types of social interaction.
  • Standing as a sign of respect, offering an arm, escorting and seating a partner are seldom used behaviors but very important when the appropriate occasion presents itself.

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